The specialty of “Urology” deals with diseases affecting the urinary tract in both male and female. University of Malaya has one of the most established urology unit in Malaysia. The key clinical focuses are:

  • Uro-oncology: University of Malaya is well known internationally as one of the first in Malaysia to have a closeuro-oncology collaboration. Members of the team are frequently invited to international forums as key opinion leaders & instructor for surgery. The main cancers covered are renal, bladder, prostate, testis and penile cancers. Minimally invasive surgery (key hole operation) is also carried out for suitable patients.
  • Urolithiasis: Stone disease in the urinary tract is common in Malaysia. Our urology unit offers a wide repertoire of treatment modalities for this condition. In fact, we conduct international workshop on stone treatment for urologists in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS): Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the commonest urological condition affect male patients. Our members are also part of the international team which studies LUTS.
  • Erectile dysfunction & men’s health: This is another active area of clinical service and research for the unit.


Bil Salutation Name Email Phone
1 Profesor VK7 Azad Hassan Bin Abdul Razack
2 Profesor VK7 Ong Teng Aik
3 Profesor Madya DU56 Shanggar A/L Kuppusamy
4 Pensyarah Kanan DU56 Khaidhir Bin Abu Bakar
5 Pensyarah Kanan DU54 Ahmad Nazran Bin Fadzli
6 Pensyarah Kanan DU54 Siti Nur Masyithah Binti Ma’Arof
7 Pensyarah Perubatan DU53 Chai Chu Ann
8 Pensyarah Perubatan DU51 Aung Kyaw Phyo
9 Pensyarah Kanan DS51 Lim Jasmine
10 Pensyarah Kanan DS51 Retnagowri A/P Rajandram