The neurosurgical service at UMSC is a service that provides advance neurosurgical facility as well as expertise that is unique to the country.

It is an established service with seven consultant neurosurgeon who are sub-specialised in the respective areas of neurosurgery namely skull base and pituitary neurosurgery, endoscopic neurosurgery, spinal neurosurgery, paediatric neurosurgery, vascular neurosurgery, epilepsy neurosurgery, radiosurgery and functional neurosurgery. By virtue of this, they have enhanced experience in dealing with the wide spectrum of cases within their sub-specialty. This exposure allows the neurosurgeon to give the patients a better perspective of the condition that they are suffering and the options of the management strategies. One of the key elements in making a proper management plan for the patient is sound clinical judgement which delves on among other things such as to timing of intervention, corridors of approach to the tumour to minimise complications, is spinal implant really necessary, other options of treatment  etc.  There is a misconception that the management plan hinges only on what is seen on the scan image. The UMSC has such neurosurgical expertise at your disposal.

The UMSC is one of the facilities in the country to have an intraoperative MRI machine which can be used for the cranial surgery to ensure adequate resection of brain tumour safely. The facility has intraoperative CT scans for spinal instrumentation. The facility also boasts other crucial instruments such as the latest ZEISS microscope, BRAINLAB navigation system, AXIEM Medtronic electromagnetic navigation system, STORZ endoscopes, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, ultrasound dissectors, ultrasonic bone scalpel amongst others. These paraphernalia are essential in making the surgery as safe and a success story.


Bil Salutation Name Email Phone
1 Profesor VK7 Dharmendra A/L Ganesan
2 Profesor VK6 Vickneswaran A/L Mathaneswaran
3 Profesor Madya DU56 Hari Chandran A/L Thambinayagam
3 Profesor Madya DU56 Kamal Azrin Bin Abdullah @ Kalai Arasu A/L Muthusamy
3 Profesor Madya DU56 N.Vairavan A/L N.V.V.E Narayanan
3 Profesor Madya DU56 Sia Sheau Fung
3 Pensyarah Kanan DU54 Nor Faizal Bin Ahmad Bahuri
3 Pensyarah Perubatan DU53 Aditya Tri Hernowo
3 Pensyarah Perubatan DU53 Ravindran A/L Karuppiah